Zero-Emissions Metal Gasket

Clock Spring Co. announced a technology licensing and distribution agreement for the Pipeotech AS DeltaV-Seal technology. The Clock Spring Full Metal Gasket utilizes DeltaV-Seal technology under license from Norwegian company Pipeotech AS and is the world’s only DNV GL type approved gasket for zero emissions. The metal gasket features sealing technology that prevents emissions at the connection point. The CNC-milled gasket is manufactured from a single block of metal that is the same material as the surrounding metal, which allows the gasket to expand and contract at the same rate and maintain a complete seal throughout. The V-shaped rings compress and form a complete seal at lower levels of torque than traditional gaskets and have a higher range of tolerance for overtightening; the three rings create multiple levels of redundancy. The gasket maintains a permanent, zero-emissions, nonleaking seal, delivering gas-tight reliability 10,000-times greater than the oil and gas industry requirement, according to the company.