SPE Section Awards: A Top Recognition for Furthering SPE's Mission in Your Location

SPE sections are located around the world and provide an operating framework for all major society activities. Sections are semi-autonomous units and self-governing within the framework of SPE policies. Section members elect officers and directors annually. Sections are organized into regions, and each region has representation on the SPE Board of Directors.

The SPE Section Awards program recognizes SPE sections that succeed in fulfilling SPE’s mission by serving local members. The awards honor exemplary efforts in technical knowledge dissemination, operations, member benefits, society and community outreach, innovation, and more. With more than 200 sections around the world, competition is strong each year. Recognition as an award recipient is an honor reserved for top achievers.

Engagement through the local section creates significant value for professional members. By providing robust award-worthy programming, sections help grow the Society and further SPE’s mission.

Award Categories

Presidential Award for Outstanding Section. Formerly known as President’s Award for Section Excellence, this top award now recognizes the highest-ranked 5% of eligible sections that are exemplary in the scoring categories. Previously the top 10% sections were awarded, but this has been reduced for higher prestige. Awards are presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, the Society’s annual meeting.

Section Excellence Award. Formerly known as the Gold Standard, the Section Excellence Award will now be received by the next 20% of eligible sections. Previously 10% were awarded, but this has now been doubled to recognize more deserving sections. A certificate is emailed to the award winners.


Each section will demonstrate a different level of activity in the scoring categories below, depending on initiative, size, and resources. To normalize the varying sizes, sections are divided into five size groups according to the section's total paid membership as of 31 December. The size groups are Small, Medium, Large, Mega, and Super Mega. Super Mega consists of sections with membership of 2,000 or greater. The other size groups are evenly divided.

Divisions are predicted to result in up to the following number of awards:


Small, Medium, Large, and Mega

Super Mega

Presidential Award for Outstanding Section

2 per size group


Section Excellence Award

10 per size group


Judging is completed in three rounds by a committee of SPE members sourced through the SPE Volunteer Opportunities portal.

The sections operations, programming, and activities are scored under several categories with the weightage shown below:



1. Technical knowledge dissemination


2.  Section operations & sustainability


3. Member benefits


4. Reaching out – Within, Intersociety, and Community Benefits 


5.  Innovation


The 2019 winners of the SPE Section awards will be announced soon. Look out for the winners list on the SPE Section Awards webpage and next month’s TWA newsletter.

[Image caption: 2018 SPE President Darcy Spady presenting the awards to representatives from the award winning SPE sections at the 2018 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.]