SPE Mumbai Diaries

The SPE Mumbai Section has been buzzing with activity this year, thereby helping reinforce Mumbai’s role as the heart of India’s oil and gas industry. The section included a wide variety of activities during its year, including presentations by SPE Distinguished Lecturers, several technical programs and study group meetings, and Ambassador Lecturer Program efforts.

The year kicked off with a special emphasis on SPE membership renewal and recruitment. Seminars encouraged companies to sponsor professional employees for SPE membership and taught about the efficient use of social media and section networks. The section also donated Braille education kits to the National Association for the Blind, Mumbai, for use by visually impaired children. The kits included a brief article, written in Braille script, about the oil and gas industry and its contribution to daily life.

The section, with the support of SPE International, established an SPE student chapter at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, whose purpose is to open avenues for more students to benefit from SPE activities.

The year was equally successful for the YPs themselves, who not only participated in ALPs across India but also, along with regular SPE activities, volunteered at local schools. A notable YP activity was going on a geological field trip to a Mumbai beach to understand fluid flow behavior. The field trip ended the Mumbai Section’s year on a high note with the promise of an even more enthusiastic year to follow.