Duliajan Section: YPs’ First Meeting

The first meeting of the Duliajan SPE Section Young Professionals was presided over by the section and program chairs. There was an unexpectedly positive response from the section’s young members. The intent was not only to provide a forum for YPs, but also to spread awareness of the benefits SPE has to offer among prospective YPs. The audience was welcomed by the SPE Duliajan Section YP Liaison, Debabrata Tamuly, followed by an inaugural speech by the section and program chairs. Ankit Agarwal, member of the SPE Mumbai Section YP Committee, explained the benefits of being an SPE Young Professional and emphasized the dearth of YPs in the oil and gas industry.

The next part of the event was a group activity, the idea of which was to make use of both innovation and teamwork—the two pillars of productivity. To execute this idea, the participants were divided into teams of four and given a unique challenge.

At the meeting’s conclusion, the section’s secretary thanked all the members present and resolved to hold future YP meetings in larger auditoriums to cope with the huge influx of young talent to SPE.