Mumbai Section Updates

The year began with a succession of exciting events for the YP Mumbai Section. The first YP meet was organized at Schlumberger on 20 January; the theme was networking and learning. Around 40 participants attended the event, where they deliberated on challenges in the oil industry and ways to overcome them. Distinguished speakers guided the young members’ discussion by sharing their views and experience.

A tour to a Worldwide Oilfield Machine facility was organized on 11 February, giving YPs the opportunity to see oil equipment used in the field.

The second YP meet was a lunch-and-learn session held at Baker Hughes’ office on 2 March that focused on technical challenges in the oil industry, such as those posed by unconventional resources. Young professional members used the opportunity to share their concerns and ideas openly with each other.

Halliburton sponsored the third YP meet on 8 June, which was themed around World Environment Day (5 June). The meet provided YPs the opportunity to see the oil industry’s respect for the environment.

The SPE 2012 Oil and Gas India Conference and Exhibition was a significant event organized in March by the SPE Mumbai Section. Along with technical presentations, YPs contributed to the conference by organizing Education Day for high school students. Around 100 students from eight schools were invited to the conference with the aim of educating them about the omnipresent yet invisible oil and gas industry, its history, its role, its glamour, and its challenges.