Los Angeles Basin YPs Host Distinguished Guest Speaker Panel

Young Professionals (YP) of the SPE Los Angeles Basin Section hosted a panel luncheon during the SPE Western Regional Meeting last year at Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. On the program were two distinguished speakers,  Behrooz Fattahi, 2010 SPE president, and Sam Sarem, 2010 Western North America Region (WNAR) director.

More than 50 people attended the luncheon, which included college students and professionals working in the oil and gas industry. Most of the SPE LA officers and board members were in attendance, which showed their strong support for the YP program in the Los Angeles section. YP officers Candra Janova, Katy Canan, and Adi Varma provided topics, and the panelists discussed three main areas of interest: careers, knowledge transfer, and nontechnical skills.

One of their messages for YPs was to work hard as team players. They stressed the importance of taking the initiative to join various projects as part of their learning. SPE and industry conferences are places to obtain additional knowledge that YPs may not get in class or at work, they said. They also recommended joining organizations that meet YPs’ interests in enhancing soft skills, including interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills.


At the Los Angeles Basin YP panel luncheon, from left, Katy Canan, Candra Janova, Behrooz Fattahi (SPE 2010 president), Sam Sarem (WNAR director), and Adi Varma.