SPE PDPU Technical Fest: An International Competition to Encourage Innovation Among Students

Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU) SPE Fest 2017 is the  university’s third International Oil and Gas Technical Festival under the maxim of “Irradiating Brilliance” and will be held 3–5 November. It is planned to be a platform for the coming generation of petroleum engineers to explore new horizons in the fields of oil and gas.

The technical fest events will cover paper and poster presentations, model making, quiz competition, case study solving competition, virtual block bidding, well log interpretation, geology challenge, puzzle solving, drilling mud preparation, guest lectures, and spot trading competition. The events and competitions will give the participants insight into the petroleum industry.

To help the participants interact, there will be networking  and gala nights. This will also be accompanied by various informal events that start almost 2 months before the fest, such as t-shirt designing, video blogging, photography contest, and a poetry writing competition. 

The 2015 Fest was a grand success and the PDPU Student Chapter is trying to make the event bigger and better every year. The chapter aims to engage the local and international industry through this event to strengthen industry and academia relationships as well as provide various opportunities to students.

"When you work for an organization without expecting anything in return, believe me you will end up getting lots of exuberance," said Chapter Vice President Yasin Matadar on his experience working in the chapter.

The motivation behind the fest is to give the budding petroleum engineers the practical knowledge of the theoretical background that they study and to make them realize how the industry actually works.

The SPE PDPU chapter would like to extend an invitation to all the SPE student chapter members to join them in this mega event and showcase their talents. The chapter would like to encourage other student chapters to hold such events. The only requirement is a few hours of dedication of peer mentorship and good planning by all the members of the committee.

Chapter President Kartikey Mishra expresses his enthusiasm for inviting  participants for this event: “I’m glad to invite you all to the most talked fest of year. I promise that the event would be three times better, bigger, and larger.”

For more information about PDPU’s Fest, visit www.spepdpu.org.