Saudi Young Professionals Technical Symposium

Young professionals are under huge pressure to develop fast so that they can take leadership roles in the industry. The first Saudi Arabian Young Professionals Technical Symposium was held on 9 May in Dhahran, focusing on the development of young professionals and attracting more than 300 participants. The theme was “Leading the Future: An Era of Opportunities.”

Key speakers included Mohammed Y. Al-Qahtani, Southern Reservoir manager at Saudi Aramco; Khaled Nouh, vice president of Schlumberger Oilfield Services; and Mohammed Al-Askar, director of Information and Public Relations, Office of The Minister of Minerals and Resources, Saudi Arabia. Abdul-Jaleel Al-Khalifah, 2007 SPE president, and Fatema Al-Awami, a supervisor in Saudi Aramco, participated in the symposium’s panel discussion, “Delivering Energy: How to Carry On.”

Five months of planning went into the symposium, and its objective was to provide a forum for a broad range of E&P topics, including drilling, production, formation evaluation, reservoir engineering, reservoir characterization, gas technology, energy management, environmental issues, and information technology. The event included technical sessions, poster sessions, short courses, a panel discussion, selection of the best technical paper, and student contests for best paper and article. Part of the program involved condensed courses given in exploration and petroleum sessions by well-known industry professionals, and these were a huge success.

Amin Nasser, vice president of petroleum engineering and development, Saudi Aramco, expressed his delight at addressing the symposium, “which brings young professionals together to share information on technological advances, new ideas, and innovative applications to help steer your career and focus your efforts in the oil-and-gas-industry journey,” he said.

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Amin Nasser; Karam Yateem, symposium chairperson; and Jamal AlKhonaifer, SPE Saudi Arabia Section chairperson pause with the organizers of the symposium during the event.



Abdul-Jaleel Al-Khalifa, 2007 SPE President, receives a gift from Amin Nasser and Karam Yateem for his participation in the panel discussion.