Saudi Arabia’s First Young Professionals Forum

Young professionals from the E&P business line in Saudi Aramco worked with the company’s E&P Continuing Excellence Dept. to organize the first E&P Young Professionals’ Forum, held in February. The forum was designed to increase awareness of corporate and E&P strategic imperatives; motivate young professionals through sharing success stories, achievements, and lessons learned; establish networking opportunities; and amass ideas for improving the professional development program.

The forum was a great success and gave young professionals a rich opportunity to network with their peers and senior management. Organizers decided to hold such a forum three to four times a year.

The forum was attended by 43 young professionals from the six E&P administrative areas of the company. The program consisted of young professionals’ presentations on their experiences and success stories in the company, plus a segment on the E&P Strategic Program. After each presentation, a discussion question was addressed to the young professionals for their feedback. In addition, an executive panel discussion was convened, with four E&P Vice Presidents and Executive Directors participating.

Akram Yateem and Husameddin Al-Madani are leading an initiative to start a Saudi YEPP/ELP chapter in the SPE Saudi Arabia Section that focuses on young members and the development of their technical and interpersonal skills. A proposal has been submitted to SPE Saudi Arabia’s Board of Directors for approval.


Participants in the Saudi Arabia E&P forum.