Contest Winner Recruits 169 New SPE Members

During the Build the World of SPE 2005 member re-cruitment contest, SPE members successfully re-cruited 2,493 new members. Jamie Irvine-Fortescue, Senior Produc-tion Technol-ogist for Shell Intl. E&P and member of the SPE section in Oman, won the U.S. $1,500 cash grand prize for single-handedly recruiting 169 new members. Irvine-Fortescue was also the 2004 grand prize winner.

“Employees in the upstream petroleum in-dustry belong in SPE. This is the best resource for technological and professional development. One of the most important factors here is the sharing of our experience and knowledge for the benefit of others,” said Irvine-Fortescue.

The second-place winner, with 125 new members, was Mohammed Al-Khamis, Northern Area Production Engineer for the Ras Tanura Production Unit at Saudi Aramco and Membership Vice Chairperson for the SPE Saudi Arabia Section. Anelise Quintão Lara, Manager of Reservoir Engineering at Petrobras and member of the SPE Brazil Section, recruited 117 new members.

The contest will be held in 2006 as well, with 15 prizes to be awarded. For more information on prizes and complete contest rules, visit