SPE’s OGF Publication Launches Technical Paper Synopses Section

SPE’s publication for the Projects, Facilities, and Construction (PFC) technical discipline, Oil and Gas Facilities (OGF), has recently launched a monthly section which will feature synopses of editor-picked SPE technical papers on PFC topics. OGF Selection Editor Gerald Verbeek will pick three papers each month that are then synopsized by SPE editorial staff and published on the OGF website.

Verbeek was previously the executive editor for peer-reviewed papers in OGF and was recognized as “A Peer Apart” honoree for peer-review of more than 100 technical papers. He has picked Corrosion and Scaling for the first selection, a topic that affects all involved in oil and gas facilities. “Early in my career I spent about a year as a corrosion engineer to learn the fundamentals, only to discover that without keeping scaling and corrosion in mind, it is impossible to a be a good facilities engineer,” said Verbeek in his introductory article about the new section.

Synopses on Corrosion and Scaling

Oilfield-Corrosion-Failure Analysis: Lessons Learned From Pitting Morphologies

Use of Preservation Chemicals Following Hydrostatic Testing of Pipelines

The Importance of Inhibitor Analysis in Scale Management—An Overview

Monthly synopses will be available for all readers on the OGF website, under the Technical Papers section, and the full papers can be downloaded from the OnePetro electronic library. SPE members get discounted prices on technical papers in OnePetro.