Video: Universities Showcase Offshore Research Projects at OTC

At the recently held Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, several universities from around the word showcased their current and planned research projects that are relevant to offshore technology in a special event called University R&D Showcase.

The universities that participated and the research they presented are listed below:

The University of Tokyo—R&D Activities on Ocean Resources Development

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology—Control Annular Mud Level Drilling - Riser Failure Considerations

University of Houston—Advances in Safe and Reliable Offshore Energy Production: Subsea Systems Institute

University of Oklahoma— Study of Human Factors in  Drilling Operations: Enhancing expert containment, decision making, and risk communications

University of California-Berkeley—Distributed Strain Sensing of Wellbore Integrity with the Brillouin Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry

Rice University—Offshore Structures for Power, Flow Assurance, CO2 Capture and other Offshore Technology Topics

Researchers from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Tokyo explain the research they presented in the video below: 



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