SPE Spotlight on Young Professionals: Mohamed ElSebaee

For some members, SPE is not just a useful resource,  volunteering with SPE is a way of life. This “Spotlight” article focuses on Mohamed ElSebaee, senior fracturing technical engineer at Schlumberger, who has dedicated a lot of time to volunteering and gained a wider perspective of the industry in doing so. 

For ElSebaee, SPE is more than just technical resources; it is a platform for his wider ambition to give something back to his community: “I first became interested in SPE activities because I wanted to help others by making a difference and giving back to the community. Volunteering with SPE has given me the opportunity to grow with the industry and learn something new every day.”

ElSebaee’s contributions cover both local and international achievements. As a student at the Suez Canal University in Egypt, he became the SPE student chapter president, and soon after graduating became a section officer of the SPE Egyptian Section supporting the young professionals (YPs) in that region.

It wasn’t long before he was supporting YPs across the Middle East and North Africa region, and then globally through his role in the SPE YP Coordinating Committee (now called the Young Member Engagement Committee). He is now an active member of the SPE International Membership Committee, which reports to the SPE Board of Directors. In addition to committee roles, ElSebaee mentors several undergraduates and has been involved with scholarship selection in the Middle East.

ElSebaee’s technical contributions have been just as pivotal, such as helping to develop the Well Stimulation and Well Operations program for SPE’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, reviewing conference abstracts, as well as being the author or coauthor of technical papers presented at other conferences.

“Our industry is cyclical, and as we move out of the recent major downturn we see how taking a dynamic and agile approach to new projects will lead individuals to be best poised for progression. Unconventional thinking is needed to develop the most challenging reserves and I believe that stimulation engineers have a key role in the advancement of our industry." 

Taking unconventional approaches also means there are increasing opportunities for a truly dynamic and exciting career in this industry, said ElSebaee.  

In a relatively short span of time ElSebaee has played an influential role both in SPE’s activities in Egypt and in some of SPE’s largest conferences. He shows no sign of slowing down and is certainly a key figure to look out for as the industry recovers.

The purpose of “Spotlight on Young Professionals” is to share interesting voluntary contributions and technical achievements of young professionals with their peers. If you know someone who deserves to be put in the spotlight, share your story through our online form.


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