Aberdeen Section Simplified Series Explores Ways Big Data Can Improve Safety in the Industry

[SPE Aberdeen YP committee members, from left: Natalia Kocheva; Joseph Sherratt; Craig Usher; Jean-Marc Dumas, SPE South, Central East Europe Director; Darcy Spady, 2018 SPE President; Chris Stewart, YP Chair; and Yeisson C. Díaz.]

The Simplified Series, one of the most successful programs of the SPE Aberdeen Section young professionals (YPs) kicked off in September after a summer break with a presentation on Big Data and how to make sense of information and analytics in the oil and gas industry.

Instead of focusing on revenue enhancement, Steven Rossiter, managing director at AgileTek focused his presentation on giving useful insights on how big data can be used in the industry to improve the safety, quality control, and the ability to forecast and move to evidence-supported decision-making instead of relying on the intuition of individuals.

The event was organized and hosted by the SPE Aberdeen Section YP Committee and enjoyed a large turnover of 77 professionals. It took place during the SPE ENGenious Symposium–SPE’s new global symposium and exhibition aimed at driving radical digital and technological change across the upstream oil and gas industry. The YPs had the opportunity to meet the 2018 SPE President Darcy Spady and SPE South, Central East Europe Director Jean-Marc Dumas.

From a YP perspective, the Simplified Series is important because they provide a beneficial and easy way to digest technical knowledge and hot industry topics. The Series encourages YPs to develop themselves beyond the radius of their current professional discipline, to connect with like-minded peers, and get inspired by meeting industry professionals and influencers.

For example, the event on Big Data highlighted some of the opportunities for engineers that lie in analysing Big Data, allowing the following questions to be answered:

  • How can I predict if this supplier can meet the agreed lead time?

  • Can we predict when we are likely to see increases in production defects?

  • What are the bottlenecks on the production line and how can we predict how much impact they have?

  • How can we use sales and design activity data to predict future production requirements?

From left: Darcy Spady, 2018 SPE President, and event speaker Steven Rossiter, managing director, AgileTek.


The event was concluded by Spady who congratulated the YP committee members on their efforts in organizing a successful series. Dumas added that this event was a great reminder of how much he loves being a volunteer for this outstanding scientific community.

The Simplified Series events will continue in November, focusing on “How to Define the Future of Subsea Well Cementing” by Tristam Horn from DeltaTek.

For more information on the Big Data presentation and other activities of the SPE Aberdeen Section YP Committee, click here

[The article was sourced from the author by TWA Content Creator Bruno S. Rivas]


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