East Meets West Ninth Congress Attracts Students From 36 Universities

The AGH University of Science and Technology (UST) SPE student chapter organized the East Meets West International Student Petroleum Congress and Career Expo during 10–12 April. Around 200 students and university representatives from several parts of the world, as well as exploration and production (E&P) companies were gathered in Kraków for the ninth time. With SPE International’s support and for the second time in a row, the congress also hosted the European qualifier round for the SPE student paper contest and PetroBowl.

On the first day, attendees listened to a lecture organized by the SPE Poland Section given by Tadeusz Patzek, director of Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, discussing “Experiences in Development of Tight Gas in North America and Saudi Arabia.”

The conference kicked off with a poster session, where selected students presented the results of their research. This year, thanks to Orlen Upstream, Shell, and PGNiG the contest was supervised by representatives from the industry. The winners were:

  • Rasoul Foroutan, TU Clausthal, first prize
  • Stefano Tagliaferri, Technical University of Denmark, second prize
  • Evan Jonathan Gowidjaja, TU Clausthal, third prize

At the end of the day, Riverson Oppong, founder and chief editor of Global Energy Insight inspired the audience with his lecture “Secrets to Success: Graduates’ Expectations.”

In a panel titled “Innovative Solutions in Oil and Gas industry,” delegates from Shell, MIT Forum Enterprise, MOLGROUP, and NOV shared their ideas about the current situation and future of the industry. The congress could not have been successful without partnering companies, which support students during their education and also the start of their careers. Their support enabled AGH UST SPE student chapter to organize the Congress, gave students the opportunity to find out about the chances in employment, and take part in the recruitment organized by Schlumberger and Halliburton.

After the Congress, AGH SPE student chapter selected a new chairman for the Organizing Committee, Patryk Bijak. He had this to say:

“We will do our best. Next year we would like to focus on the digital transformation in the industry and how our community could improve new trends in oil and gas. Next year will be special for us. It’s the 10th edition, an anniversary and we hope to make it the best student congress in Europe.”

At this year’s congress, participants from 40 countries had a chance to meet around 50 industry representatives from more than 16 E&P companies. The year-on-year increase in participants and presenters proves the effective collaboration among the 36 universities, attracting the support of new companies and retaining the old ones and providing an unprecedented exposure to the student community.



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